What is Conversion and Why Should You Care?

Do you feel like you’ve been spending a lot of time, money, and energy in creating a website for your business, and it doesn’t provide any satisfactory conversion rate? Or maybe you have spent even more money on marketing campaigns that brought even more people to your business website but you just didn’t get the amount of sales and sign-ups that you were hoping for.

Well, if you feel like this is your case and you keep wondering “Why?”, the answer is quite simple. There are many businesses that spend a lot of money on campaigns that should bring people to their sites, but they never take a moment to think “Well, now what?”. What happens next to bringing so many people to your website? What are you offering them? How can you make them stay more on your website, maybe make them engage with your products or services, or even subscribe to your newsletter? All these questions can be figured out if business owners would think more about conversion and how could they actually convert their many users into customers.

So what is Conversion?

conversionConversion is mainly the “% of users you get to perform a desired action”. Conversion helps you when measuring effectiveness of your overall website and business activities.

Usually, when you get a visitor to perform a desired action, that’s a conversion. This action can be anything from buying your product, giving you a call for a service request, signing up for your newsletter or completing a contact form.

You can assign a monetary value to each conversion and from there analyze and start improving your website for a better conversion rate. Many business websites have a lot of barriers for users, barriers that owners can’t see because they may be too familiar with the overall website.  So your website might have some obstacles for which you’re not getting the desired conversion rate and this is because obstacles stop people from taking your desired actions. Thus, it’s important that you constantly measure your business’ conversion rate and start taking action when numbers are not satisfactory, finding those obstacles and eliminating them.

Why Should You Care About Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate it’s not just some data for your business that can pass unnoticed. Measuring effectiveness of your overall website, resulting in a conversion rate is actually measuring how successful your business is.  So you should definitely care about your conversion rate because even when you managed to improve it by 1%, it means that you actually didn’t spend so much money in vain on those nice marketing campaigns, it means that people are engaging with your services or your business, and it surely means that your revenue will be increasing visibly.

How to Improve Your Conversion Rate?

One good way to improve your conversion rate is to try doing some A/B testing. If you’re not familiar with this type of testing, A/B testing refers to a type of experimenting with two variants in order to identify the changes that could increase or maximize an outcome of interest. The two versions used in this experiment are almost identical, but only one of them has a small variation that may or may not impact the user’s behavior.

Let’s take an example. Let’s say you have a customer database of 1000 people and you’d like to create an email campaign with a discount code, in order to generate sales through your business website. You split your database in two parts and you create an email for the campaign. But when you send the email, the first 500 people will receive the original email and the other 500 people will receive almost the same email but with a slightly different call to action. Of course, your discount code must be different for each email so you can measure the success of each type of email sent and decide on which is the most effective way to compel customers into making a purchase.

You can also start improving your conversion rate by doing small changes to your website. For example, you could try to make your user’s life easier by focusing on accessibility and usability. Try to think as your user and put yourself in their shoes. Is it clear enough where to click in order to buy the product or to see its specifications? Can users actually find the products and purchase them in the first place? What about the policies for products – are they visible and clear enough? Making your user’s life as easier as possible will provide you with lots of advantages and an increase in the conversion rate.

Moreover, there is also the idea of being honest, clear and open to your customers. If you want them to actually engage with your products and take some action, you need to have them trust you first. This is actually a little bit hard if they just bump into your website for the first time and have never heard of you, but with some clear and honest experience on your website you might gain their trust. As an example here, don’t try to fool the user when for example he or she adds a product in the shopping cart and later on sees that the product has a different price. Offer them the possibility to see also the delivery costs and any additional costs for their purchase and make sure they know from the start what are they getting into.

Finally, another great way to increase your conversion rate is to add customer reviews to your website. Reviews are a proven way of your good services and your reliability, thus they have an excellent effect on increasing your conversion rate.

Do You Need Help With Your Conversion Rate?

If you need help with measuring effectiveness or improving your conversion rate, you’re in the right place! Here at Joy Group, we can help you make your website more user friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate so that you’ll get more visitors to convert into customers. Just don’t waste any more time and contact us so we can get started in optimizing your business’ website for a higher conversion rate and a successful business.

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