7 Tips To Get More Likes On Your Facebook Business Page

You need to get more likes on your Business Page – but how? Having a Facebook Business Page is a great way to start connecting with devoted or potential new customers while at the same time building your business’ online reputation and customer loyalty to your company. You may have seen that big brands have thousands of likes on their Facebook page. And of course, you dream day and night about having a large amount of likes on your Business Page too. Well, who isn’t?

Having a great number of likes for your page means that your brand has fans which will visit your website when you write the next article. It means that your fans will most probably help you promote that article by sharing it to their friends. Because social endorsement is a powerful motivator and every “like” you receive for a Facebook update, every comment or every share helps your content get out there, on other people’s timeline and attracts other potential customers to your brand. 

So the Question is – How to Get More Likes On Your Business Page?

Well, for starters, you need to understand that just having a Business page on Facebook won’t get you there. But you need to consider building an outstanding and informative Page, relevant for your customers, clients, and followers. After setting up a great Business page, your next step is developing a strategy with important tactics that will help you get those likes and promotes your business.

In this article we’ll talk about some good tactics that you could implement in your social media strategy to increase Facebook likes and also your brand’s online presence.

#1. Share Original Content

Content is still king of the online environment so you’ll need to be focused on sharing original content that always follows the copyright laws. Here it’s important to remember that photos are also part of your content, and they can be very valued by your followers. But when you share a photo on your Business Page, keep in mind that if it’s not your photo, you’ll need to follow the photo’s copyright laws.

#2. Engage, Engage, Engage

Engage with your followers by asking questions or replying to their comments as promptly as possible. Learn to listen and understand your followers and offer then exactly what they need. Also, remember to engage with other similar business pages as well, by commenting and sharing their content. 

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#3. Connect With Other Page Managers

Making a live connection with Page admins is a powerful tactic. Remember that you need to choose other Facebook pages that have a similar business to yours and addresse to similar customers as you do. Thus, you’ll be able to cross-promote each other by sharing each others posts with the audience every once in a while.

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Another way to become visible to a similar business audience is by organizing webinars with that company.

#4. Run a Contest

Running a contest is a great tactic to get more likes on your Business Page. This may cost some money and it can only be run through an app. Facebook provides many apps for your Facebook contest that are really easy to set.

Also, running a Facebook contest can help you promote your business or services in a fun way, engaging your followers and attracting others. You may wonder how would you increase Facebook likes with contests. Well, some contest apps have a like-gate that allows users to enter the contest after liking the Page. Pretty simple, huh? Of course, the end winner is You!

#5. Link Your Profile to Your Page and Tag Your Page From Your Personal Profile

Help users find easily and quickly your business page on your Personal Profile. Remember to add the correct Facebook page on your profile, listed as the pace you work, in order to get more likes on your correct Facebook page and not on the Community Page that is sometimes created when you add it improperly.

Also, you can get more likes if you occasionally promote your business updates on your Personal profile. You can tag your page, share an update from it or comment on a photo that you have on the business page. This way you help our friends get to know about how cool your business is and maybe get them to like or share its content to their friends.

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#6. Add a QR Code to Your Business Card

This clever tactic will get more likes on your Business Page because it makes it easier for people you get into contact to find your page and connect with it. Get your offline connections engage in online and you’ll double your success!

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#7. Implement Social Buttons on Your Website

Help your users and followers get in touch with your business. This is an important tactic that will create a double-way connection between your website and your Business Page, allowing users to read your articles and share them with their friends.

Joy Group Can Help You Get More Likes On Your Business Page

Here at Joy Group, we can help you implement Social Media to your website, creating your brand’s online reputation and helping you get more likes on Facebook. We also have developed Facebook apps that you can use to promote your Business Page and engage with its users.


Having thousands of Likes on your Business Page on Facebook is the greatest dream of every business owner. As setting a Business Page is not enough to get more likes on your page, Joy Group can help you increase likes by implementing Social Media buttons on your website and creating specific apps that you can use to boost your likes on your Business Page. So wait no more and contact us to start creating Social Media Strategy together that will increase your chances for success and will get more likes for your business.